Albert Kahn Museum


Albert Kahn Museum Competition

Scenography competition for Albert Kahn museum‘s expansion ( Paris-Boulogne )
May 2016


Client: Département des Hauts-de-Seine
Architects/scenographers: Jean de Gastines Architectes, Emilie Delanne
Multimedia/Engineering: Reciproque
Graphic design: LM Communiquer
Lighting: 8’8”
Albert Kahn museum and garden aim to gather photographs from all cultures over the world taken by “operators” coming from different fields like scientists, photographs, sociologists, etc. The collector Albert Kahn (1860-1940) thought that the world would be more understandable through this “mappemonde” and could lead people to leave in peace.
The renovation and expansion of the museum is designed by Kengo Kuma architect and will be ended in 2017. This competition presents a proposal for the permanent scenography of the museum in 3 different spaces.

Space n° 1 : The Planet Archives


The main room is designed through the concept of a GARDEN OF IMAGES. We walk in this space as we were walking in a garden, either in chronologic way or in a random one. This virtual garden constituted by different sizes of screens floating in the space appears as an introduction to the natural garden.

Space n° 2 : The Factory of Images


This longitudinal room aims to tell the process of production of the photographs taken by the “operators”. An interactive experience is created by the synchronisation between a table designed as a curiosity cabinet and a wall cartography tracing the “operator” ’s routes.

Space n° 3 : The Collection discovery


This space located in the museum’s entrance is dedicated to families coming from the neighborhood. Different devices offer a playful and an immersive experience: family’s portraits, 1,2,3 action!, landscape designer. The images produced through these devices are collected and delivered in real time in the museum and specifically on the furnitures of the family’s living room.