Tempo Incontinuo

Creation 2016

MARACUJA – Clermont-Ferrand

Scenography of the temporary exhibition « Tempo Incontinuo » by RENATA ANDRADE artist
(engraving works and photographs)
28th Octobre 2016 – 6th January 2017
Pauline Vigey
Brazilian artist Renata Andrade explores femininity and myths about eternal female. The exhibition faces these notions to the time passing. Renata insists on a conception of time which is neither linear nor cyclic but she exposes a coexistence of different temporalities. The composition of tree limbs was inspired by her engraving work called “The women trees” to highlight their materiality and their natural curves. The tree limbs follow the main lines of the engraving works as if they were giving them a new life.

« Ce temps pensé est plus aérien, plus libre, plus facilement rompu et repris. »

Gaston Bachelard