Picasso Primitif


Quai Branly Museum – Paris

Scenography for temporary exhibition Picasso Primitif
From March 28th to July 23rd 
Area: 1700 m2
Curator: Yves Le Fur
Architects/scenographers: Jean de Gastines Architectes, Emilie Delanne subcontractor
Graphic design: LM Communiquer, Cécilia Génard
Lighting: 8’8”
« Picasso Primitif » explores the encounter between the resonances of the spanish artist with primitive arts. The exhibition is curated through three sections: Timeline, Archaism and Metamorphosis, Unconsciousness (« Le Ça »).
The atmosphere’s progress from brightness to darkness is created to identify emotionally and physically each sections: First the Timeline, a chronological journey about Picasso’s life, then a hand-to-hand between the work, to finish in an absolutely dark room expressing the unconsciousness.

The TIMELINE raises the meeting points between Picasso’s inspirations and collections with primitive Arts. The set is inspired by Picasso’s workshops, reproducing his own furnitures and interiors frozen in time and immersed in a white and refined atmosphere. 

« Le Ça », is shown inside a rounded room where the light is almost absent. A black fabric, stretched between the display cases, spreads a living scenography where works coming from unconsciousness emerge from darkness.