Creation 2015

The Place – London

Scenographic performance during the representations “Dancing our way to Edinburgh” (artists selected for Edinburgh Festival)
The Place – London Contemporary Dance School
Scenographers and performers:
Emilie Delanne and Maria Stancu
Special credit:
Winners of the competition “Fringe at the Place”
We take for granted the walls which separate our living spaces, forgetting what happens behind them. What if they become the unique space to live in? 
Wall-Off! is a performance-based environment happening in the public areas of The Place Theatre. Imagine two women moving, sleeping, eating, dressing along the walls. They look so confortable, living the liminal space between their body and the wall. 
The retrieved objects found in our everyday life, paint in white, appear as if they were absorbed into the walls. The fonction of these objects is questioned as well as the position of the walls. The bodies start inhabiting and interact with the outside. 
You are on your way to the theatre, enter The Place, walk on the stairs towards the bar. You see two women glued to the walls, touching and moving as if they were living along them. They are slightly trying to touch your shoulder or maybe the walls are trying to touch you? They seem so comfortable and natural, inhabiting the liminal space between their bodies and the wall…Interacting, sleeping, eating, dressing. They feel its physicality and they no longer ignore it.
Indeed what is behind the wall? How could the audience experience the walls disappearing?

« I put a picture on a wall. Then I forget there is a wall. I no longer know there is a wall, I no longer know this wall is a wall, I no longer know what a wall is. (…) I have put a picture on the wall so as to forget there was a wall, but in forgetting the wall, I forget the picture, too. There are pictures because there are walls. (…) we need continually to be changing, either the wall or the picture, to be forever putting other pictures up on the walls, or else constantly moving the picture from one wall to another. « 

Species of spaces, Georges Perec